OFFICE STAFF    
 Name Email Position
Megan McIntosh [email protected] Principal
Melina Enderle [email protected] Secretary
Stephany McFall Attendance/Records
Renee Beaver [email protected] Counselor
Tiffany Haugen [email protected] Health Clerk
Amber Faloona [email protected] Media Tech

 Name Email Position
 Ernesto Cabrera [email protected] 7th grade Social Studies
Jason Cole Boys PE and Fitness
Kelly Furtick  [email protected] Girls PE and Fitness
Jennifer Kinnings  [email protected]  7th grade ELA 
Suzanne Miller [email protected] 6th grade Social Studies
Vanessa Morentin [email protected] 7th grade Math
Rik Orrmins  [email protected] 6th grade Science
Beth Smith [email protected]  RSP
Cole Seal [email protected] RTI
Hannah Sprado [email protected] 6th grade ELA
Cindy Spurlock [email protected] 8th grade Math/Science
Kathy Talbot  [email protected] Art
Katie Urnezis [email protected] 8th grade ELA/Social Studies
Morgan Viloria  [email protected] 6th grade Math
Tom Washburn  [email protected] 7th grade Science