Grade 8 - Social Studies

Welcome to the 8th Grade Social Studies Website!

This website is maintained on a weekly basis and will be the primary online resource of all 8th Grade Social Studies students.

The website features an overview of the 8th Grade Social Studies course this year and provides access to most classroom activities and requirements. Clicking on the "Week at a Glance" link to the left will lead you to the regularly posted "pdf packets" containing:

Key Terms, People and Places and Essential Question: A set of vocabulary words that each student is expected to copy and define/describe in preparation for the week's lesson and a "main idea" question that should be answered by the students at the end of the lesson.

PowerPoint Notes/Outline:  An outline of the PowerPoint lesson used during the week but without the additional notes that students are expected to copy during the discussion in class.

Seatwork/Homework/Workbook Pages:  A scanned/pdf copy of most classroom activities used during the week. For best viewing and printing results, a pdf reader is required.

Missing Assignment/Failing Grade/Outstanding Grade Messenger: Parents/Guardians of students with missing assignment/failing grade/outstanding grade can expect to receive a notification every two weeks on their Parent Portal provided email address.



All students are encouraged to sign up for Remind 101 text messaging service. Remind 101 is a free messaging service for teachers that facilitates dissemination of important class related information. Kindly sign up using the codes listed below.

Text your student’s code to 81010 to subscribe

8th Grade Period 1    @cc9gc7

8th Grade Period 2    @h6828

8th Grade Period 3    @hegah  

8th Grade Period 4    @7eg26ff

8th Grade P5 AVID    @d2296d

8th Grade Period 7    @gkhah

Kindly mail your questions and comments to:

Mr. Wilson Malana